Tips for Using Cricut for Arts and Crafts with Kids

The Cricut Machine has quickly risen to prominence as one of the go-to sources for DIY arts and crafts.  It’s a remarkable little machine that makes things like DIY stickers, vinyl decals, paper crafts, the skies the limit really.  We’ve been using it for years, and it’s now evolved to be even cooler than when we started.  The latest model is the Cricut Explore Air 2, which we’ll be talking about in this post.

What is a Cricut Machine?

If you aren’t families with Cricut, it’s a family of machines that are technically defined as Die Cutting Machines (also sometimes referred to as plotter cutters, craft cutter or simply cutting machine).

Think of it like a printer, except instead of putting ink to paper, it cuts the material based on the shapes in the document.  It’s fully digital and connects to computers just like a printer would.  In fact, if you use the marker accessory, it will draw instead of cut, effectively making it a printer!

How Can we Use it With Kids?

Really, the only limit is your imagination.  If you can think of something that should be cut out, you can skip the scissors and leverage the cricut to do it.  So let’s go over a few items that will hopefully spark your interest and imagination, and you can take it from there!

  • Custom Greeting Cards – One great way to use the Cricut is to make fancy and 3D greeting cards.  One parent could help the kid make one for the other parents birthday (or a sibling, teacher, or friend).  It could also be used to make your yearly Christmas/Holiday cards!
  • Custom T-Shirts! – Yes, you read that right! With heat transfer vinyl prints you can make yourself a custom T-Shirt!  Think how cool it would be to make a T-Shirt that has an inside joke with your family, or a picture from a family occasion or trip.  Use your imagination!
  • Wall Decals – You can decorate a room with custom decals.  Sticky decals are a great thing to buy and use for decorating a room, but you can create your own and add you own flare and style to it.  Again this would be great for inside jokes, special and meaningful items, or your favorite shapes and figures that aren’t available commercially.
  • Christmas Ornaments! – Now how cool is this.  In our family we get a new Christmas ornament every year to commemorate the year.  It can be hard to track down new ones and unique ones, since mass produced Christmas ornaments are kind of similar.  With cricut we can make our own!

So you get the idea, there really isn’t a limit to what you can do once you realize the capabilities of the Cricut.

How Can I get a Cricut and Which One Should I Choose?

Cricuts are available via Amazon (just like everything else in the world, ha!).  As far is which one you should choose, it comes down to your preferences.  We use the Cricut Explore Air 2, which is the most up to date model as of this writing.  However there are numerous different models with different applications.  Try to consult some guides (such as this one that that breaks down the best cricut machines for different applications) and make your decision from there.