Kids Party Ideas for the Creative Mom

Kids love parties, they look forward to the big days all year, i.e. their birthday!  If you are a mom (or dad) you can find this to either be intimidating and burdensome, OR you can look at it as an opportunity to be fun and creative.  In order to help you make this process a little more fun and less intimidating, we’ve listed a few bright ideas for how to approach planning a party for your lovable little one..

Let’s go!

Kid’s Bounce Houses

Kids Bounce House

This might be a common occurrence in your neighborhood (I know it is in mine), and it’s for good reason.  A bounce house is a really fun way to get a party going and it will attract lots of neighborhood kids and friends, and most importantly, give them something to do for a while that will tire them out.

Just remember to always have safety in mind, make sure that an adult keeps an eye on the kids at all time.  Since kids are jumping up and down, theres always a chance for a bump on the head or a turned ankle, so brace yourself for that.  Generally you should be fine, however.  We’ve used a local house Party bus company for our party, it was relatively inexpensive, and our experience was very positive.

As an important side note, there has been some concern (and news stories) over the recent years about the safety of bounce houses.  There has been spectacle about bounce houses that have deflated while in use, or even flown through the air.  We decided to reach out to an expert and get their views on this topic.

John from Bounce House Rentals New Jersey gave us his input as a veteran owner of a bounce house company for over 2o years:

“Safety isn’t only our main concern, it’s essentially our only concern.  If kids are safe, everyone is happy.  We go through regular inspections, cleanings, and safety trainings.  New Jersey is very strict on regulations for inspections, reporting of any injuries and issues, and we are happy about that! We think all companies in our sector should be held to the highest standards.”

Kid’s Party Bus

Kids Party Bus

If you’ve got really little ones (4-8 years old) or even if you’ve got tweeners (11-13 years old) you can make a great time by renting yourself a party bus.  We’ve used Houston Party Bus in the past and it was great for us.  For the kids party buses, they have games and all types of cool stuff for the kids to do.  For the more adult buses they have music, video and lights.  You can fill up the food section with soda, water, and snacks, and make as many stops as you like.  This is a great addition to a field trip party as well (such as going to a sporting event, arcade/pizza party/etc).

Theme Parties

Kids don’t need expensive rentals or machines to have a good time.  Throw some pizza and sugar at them and unleash them in a backyard and that’s probably all that’s needed.  So one way to give this a little more structure is to create a theme party!

You can get kind of goofy with these themes.  As an example, my nephews 3rd birthday party was a Dinosaur + Cowboy party.  You can do that kind of mix and match to get a very unique take and will be sure to heighten the interests of the kids attending.

They don’t always have to be mix and match, but it creates so many ideas that you should consider it.  Here are some themes that could be used, and feel free to pick 2 and run with it! (Obviously if its for a kid then she should have some input as well):

  • Cotton Candy Party
  • Cupcake Party
  • Dinosaur Party
  • Cowboy Party
  • Pizza Party
  • Paw Patrol Party
  • Ice Cream Party
  • Wiffle ball/Baseball Party
  • Basketball Party
  • Barbecue Party

Mix and match and see what you come up with!  Could be a Basketball + Cupcake Party.  Or how about a Paw Patrol + Pizza Party.  Cotton Candy + Cowboy theme.  Or many a Baseball + Barbecue Party.

Not bad, right?

That’s what we’ve got right now, we’ll be back with some additional items in the near future. Hold tight!